Friday, August 14, 2015

Mini Reviews: Ethereal by Addison Moore, Those Girls by Lauren Saft

1. Ethereal by Addison Moore, downloaded for free on 1 star 

This book just kind of bored me. Not that it didn’t have an actual plot or some action, the writing just seemed hollow to me. It didn’t make me care about the story or the characters at all and to be honest it also felt too familiar. Like it was a story I had already read a gazillion times. And I do not mean this as a compliment in the “I found THE ONE”-way, it just didn’t interest me and I felt like everything was just way too predictable.

Just another thought: The idea of moving to a lonely island, which turns out to be very “mysterious” didn’t exactly strike me as super-original as well. And how is it possible that apparently so many people move to lonely islands? If there actually were that many people they would not be lonely at all…

Anyway, I hope other people enjoyed this book more than I did.

PS: In case you didn’t already guess it: this is a DNF-review.

2. Those Girls by Lauren Saft, ARC from Netgalley: 1 star

This book was really not what I expected, unfortunately more in a bad way. First of all the cover is nice to look at and practically screams ‘high-school gossiping’, which is very entertaining sometimes (No, Gossip Girl is still not my thing) but not in most cases and sadly this is one of most cases.

The characters just seemed too well known and even though the book was written in three view-points they seemed quite a lot like the same person: annoying and way to focused on a good reputation and on seeming cool.

And even though the writing style was very fluent to read and actually sort of nice it was not interesting enough to continue reading or to make up for the characters.

So, well, I would not recommend this book.

Wow, those were some negative reviews. But I do think I'll have some positive ones soon, so stay tuned!
And to all the regular readers of you: I sincerely apologize for going MIA for three months. I am very, very sorry. But I hope that I'll manage to get back in the game fast and write even better reviews (wish me luck!)

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