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Review: Wir wollten nichts. Wir wollten alles by Sanne Munk Jensen / Glenn Ringtved

Source: Goodreads
My rating: 3.5/5 stars
Original language: Danish
Series: -
Genre: New Adult / Young Adult, Romance, Crime, Contemporary
Published: September 2013 by Gyldendal (German edition: 2015 by Oetinger)
Pages: 332 (German edition)
Source: received from Oetinger

Links: Publisher - Amazon  - Trailer (Warning: 16+ content!)

Summary (from Goodreads)
Lässt nicht los: Liebe, die absoluter nicht sein kann. Zwei Leichen werden aus dem Limfjord gezogen: Liam und Louise. Ihre Hände sind mit Handschellen aneinandergekettet. Alle Indizien weisen auf Selbstmord hin. Louises Eltern zerbrechen fast am Tod ihrer Tochter, doch ihr Vater klammert sich daran, die Wahrheit herauszufinden. Als er Louises Tagebuch findet, eröffnet sich ihm das Leben, das seine Tochter und Liam in den vergangenen Monaten geführt haben.

My Thoughts

This book's recommended age group is 16+

I opened this book and I immediately loved it. I mean: It starts with the ending. Somehow. Liam and Louise are lying on a metal table in a morgue, their hands tied together with handcuffs. It looks like suicide but Louise’s father cannot believe that. To him there has not been any reason so he begins searching frantically to find out why his daughter killed herself. He is completely sure it is Liam’s fault, he has never liked him anyway.

At the same time another part of the story begins: Liam and Louise meet in a bus in Aalborg’s outskirts and spend the next day together after they have been to a party. Their relationship evolves and as Louise drops out of school to spend more time with Liam he starts dealing with drugs to finance their glamorous lifes.  (To see spoiler highlight)

The writing style is typically Scandinavian: ruthless, kind of chilly and very clear. The whole story is from Louise’s view, even during the scenes where she is already dead. I have never thought about this before, but reading something like “I don’t know how long we’ve been in the water (...). Maybe a week or two.” makes me feel kind of uncomfortable.

Louise and Liam fall in love... instantly. And they also instantly act as if they had been together for ages and know each other that well. Personally I don’t really believe in affinity so their relationship seemed a bit artificial to me.

Louise, who is supposed to be the main character, only stands in Liam’s shadow and does what he wants. She rarely stands up for herself, which would help Liam at least as much as it would help her.

All in all I am a bit frustrated by these things, but the good thing is that this book is super compelling. Every time I told myself: “Just one page, only one page this time.” It was more like three chapters and then “Just one more chapter!” and then a horrible next day at school.

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