Tuesday, February 3, 2015

ARC Review: The Dominion Pulse by Brad A. LaMar

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My rating: 1.5/5 stars
Original language: English
Series: Celtic Mythos #3
Genre: Young Adult, Middle Grade, Fantasy, Myths
Published: February 18th 2015 by Light Messages Publishing
Pages: 400 (ebook)
Source: I received an ecopy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

Control of the worlds beats within the dominion pulse…

After losing his father to Elathan, Brendan is forced to regroup, recover, and come to grips with the immense responsibility that has been thrust upon him. Faced with the golden god's aggressive plans to free his frighteningly powerful allies and seize control of Otherworld, Brendan and his friends must seek their own power and enlist the help of the wise goddess Bibe. Time is working against the heroes––as the power of the enemy grows, their world becomes further marred in darkness.
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My Thoughts

Don’t get me wrong: I like High Fantasy. And I also like Urban Fantasy. But I have never thought about a mixture of the two genres until I read The Dominion Pulse by Brad A. LaMar. Perhaps I am not correct and the book is Urban Fantasy through and through but to be Urban Fantasy there would have to be more stuff from the ‘real world’. On the other side, to be High Fantasy there would have to be more content from a fictional world.

So, well, I was quite irritated in the beginning and I think that was a bad start. After that, I only noticed things like the dialogue. Maybe other people think differently but to me the dialogue seemed dry and sort of... written. I know that every book’s dialogue is written because, well, books are written. But sometimes dialogue appears alive and realistic and you forget that behind all of this is someone who thought of the words and sentences. Not in this case, though. The characters merged into one big character, because they were just too similar to each other. My personal theory is that it was because of the many characters and view points, I personally couldn’t keep track of them. Most of the time I just thought: “So who is this guy again? Do I even know him?”

I expected a big turn in the story, a huge surprise and more sparks around the characters, more revelations about the relationships, more showing and less telling.

So all in all, I was disappointed by this book - dialogue, characters and world building aren’t little things after all.

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