Monday, February 2, 2015

French Cats

So, in Germany we currently have winter holiday, a week off during the first and second semester and my mother and I decided to go to France. Well, drive to France.
So now we are here, in the middle of nowhere (That's what it feels like, it's actually only twenty minutes to the middle of somewhere) and there is more than a meter of snow. Seriously. Everywhere. At first I thought it was kind of cool because we haven't had much snow this winter but when we had to leave our car in the valley and it was freezing cold and it was already hard to get on the parking lot - it sucked.
At least snow makes everything brighter and it does look very pretty on the mountains and trees. And honestly? I enjoy listening to French conversations. Ehhh.
Have I already mentioned that there's a cat here? There's a cat. And the cat is AWESOME. I love cats.

Until something interesting happens - Goodbye.

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