Monday, January 19, 2015

Review: 33 Cent um ein Leben zu Retten by Louis Jensen

picture: Goodreads
My rating: 2.5/5 stars
Original language:  Danish
Series: -
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Published: January 28th 2013 by Carl Hanser Verlag
Pages: 160 (hardcover)
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Kann ein Einzelner mit Idealismus und Engagement die Armut in der Welt bekämpfen? Als der Erzähler dieser Geschichte erfährt, dass man nur 33 Cent täglich braucht, um das Leben eines afrikanischen Kindes zu retten, beschließt er zu handeln. Er jobbt im Supermarkt, sammelt Spenden und verkauft die Hälfte seiner Sachen. Er will Zivilcourage zeigen. Dafür nimmt er sich - wie Robin Hood - auch von denen, die zu viel haben. Er stiehlt und plündert das Konto seines Vaters. Mit seiner Freundin und einem Kühlwagen voller Lebensmittel bricht er schließlich nach Afrika auf. Doch der naive Glaube an ihre gute Tat führt sie direkt ins Unglück. Ein wichtiges Jugendbuch über Gerechtigkeit und den Mut zu helfen. 
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My Thoughts

“33 Cent um ein Leben zu retten” is a very short book and quite a fast read. Unfortunately I suppose it was not meant to be a fast read but rather something you think about your own actions and lifestyle. But to me this just didn’t work, mostly because the basic ideas weren’t well presented. The main character was completely obsessed with Robin Hood and his plan to rob from all the modern-world-sheriffs, that he almost missed out on the fact that people should do good things by themselves and not be forced to.

Louis Jensen’s writing style is very unique, but it still has that Scandinavian touch. The sentences are quite short and the chapters... Well, let’s just say it’s the first time I saw a passage of four lines as a chapter.

Most of the book was actually not that compelling. The pace was very slow and if it weren’t that short I wouldn’t have finished it. The blurb said it was about the travel to Africa (At least that’s how I got it) but that were only the last few pages. Most of the book was about him collecting money and talking about the legality of Robin Hood.

Then, suddenly, came the ending, and I was so confused. I couldn’t grasp what just happened because the last pages are a few weeks or so after the pages before them and everything changed and it was really chaotic. (This is the moment where mini-me sits in my head pulling her hair and stomping her feet because she is not capable of finding the right words)

I think if you are interested in the idea of the story you should give it a try but otherwise it might be better to find something else that is similar in the idea but not in the implementation.


  1. Eeeh, this does sound confusing and a little scatty. :( That's sad! I'm sorry it was a bit of a crazy read. Although a modernised Robin Hood DOES sound cool and I am a huge fan of super short chapters and sentences. *nods* Hope your next read is better!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Thank you. Yeah, the next read was actually a lot better ^^