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Review: A Million Miles by Amy Fleisher Madden

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My rating: 4/5 stars
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Genre: Young Adult, Music, Contemporary, Romance
Published: November 22nd 2014 by Animal Manufacturing Co.
Pages: 215 (ebook)
Source: Received from Animal Manufacturing Co. via Storycartel

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Maddy has a pretty normal life: Her brother recently moved out for college but not without showing her a few cool bands. She starts going to concerts and writing her own magazine about indie-bands. Soon a woman named Gay, who is the owner of a gay-club, hires her to plan concerts. When one of her favourite bands ask her to come on tour with them she doesn’t hesitate long. But while they are on tour two members of the band, Crimson & Clover, develop romantic feelings for her. And there’s also Kieran, her best friend at home, whom she’s loved for a long time.

My Thoughts

When I started reading this book I was really sure I wasn’t going to like it. It was so far from the usual “show, don’t tell” rule that I was kind of confused. Because that was what the author did: She told the reader about her characters, about their relationships with their families and what they were like. And I discovered that despite the non-popularity of this style I do actually like it. That first chapter even made me laugh and read a few passages out to friends and family, for example this one: “Nate Silver is a rail thin, shaggy brown-haired, brown-eyed, 22-year-old Labrador puppy of a man.” (p. 7) I could imagine him being as excited and happy as my dog, with a friendly heart and the kind of personality no one could be angry with for a long time.  As far as I’m concerned though, the beginning of the book lacked of dialogue. It was mostly just the main-character’s thoughts on everyone and everything. Throughout the book it got more and more dialogue and it was like mist cleared up and the characters changed from silhouettes to people.

Mostly the book introduced the reader to the daily life on tour and the intimacy created by living on the road (or in a mini-van). The book makes you feel that you are on a road-trip yourself and it got under my skin like no other contemporary novel did in a long time. I suppose that is because Amy Fleisher Madden was on tour herself once so she has her own experiences. Also the story uses real language. They say “fuck” and “shit” and everything like people would in real life. It always irritates me when characters in books say these weird “cursing alternatives”, e.g. feck. I’ve never ever heard someone say feck. It kind of makes the dialogue seem fake. The story had no no-go-subjects. In one scene Maddy talked about how she was getting used to “parallel-pooping” with the other guys. Hilarious.

The story is set in America in 1999. I am not from America so I would have preferred if this came with a map, just to understand the distances etc. . Sadly, you barely notice the 90s aspect of the story – It’s not much of a difference from now.

I am kind of sad that the book was so short – It was only 162 pages on my kobo! But I have to admit I understand why it was so short. Making it a longer story would seem weird, like stretching it or something. Because the content was perfectly fine – nothing to add, nothing to cut. 

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