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Review: Ein M.O.R.D.s Team - Der lautlose Schrei by Andreas Suchanek

cover: Goodreads
This book was co-written with Nicole Böhm and Ute Bareiss
My rating: 2.5 / 5 stars
Original language:  German
Series: Ein M.O.R.D.s Team #1
Genre: Children's literature, Middle Grade, Mystery
Published: August 19th 2014 by Greenlight Press
Pages: 116 (ebook)
Source: received from Greenlight Press via Blogg Dein Buch
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1984: Five teenagers break into their school to steal the results for their exam. When they leave the school there are only four of them left, all of them shocked about their friend's murder.
2014: Mason, Olivia, Randy and Danielle have went to the same school for years and yet they don't know each other. That is, until someone puts 2.5 kg 'Blacks', new, dangerous drugs, in Mason's locker. And they discover, that this is somehow linked to the incident thirty years ago.

My Thoughts

I'm not quite sure what to think of this yet. The idea of the story was quite good actually but as I am a person who love language I couldn't enjoy it as much. The story is set in Barrington Cove (A place that doesn't exist by the way, I spent a whole evening looking for it in the internet ((Couldn't believe it really wasn't there)) ), which is somewhere in the U.S.A. at the seaside. But the thing is: The story is written in German, but the author keeps using English phrases and terms which tends to be an annoying mix of English and German. The characters spoke a very colloquial kind of German, which is usually okay, but in this case it was just a bit much. It seemed to be a very anxious way to emphasize that they are teenagers. I mean, they are supposed to be 16-17 and they speak like children in primary school. Another thing that bothered me, was that most of the time people talked about their "eastpack" instead of their backpack or bag or whatever. Sometimes you could also easily tell that the author is from South Germany because he used phrases like "Er schaut aus" instead of "Er sieht aus".
I'm still not sure about this, but in one scene the punctuation was very strange: "Meinem Sohn Drogen in den Spind zu schmuggeln, war eine widerliche Idee." I don't think there is supposed to be a comma.
Mason, who was the main character in my eyes, was really dislikable. His friend tried to cheer him up and all he did was being mean and hateful. He was also selfish and immature and never thought twice about something. The character were quite stereotypical in general: Randy was the nice, cute nerd, Olivia was the engaged, smart girl with a poor background, Danielle was the kind of rich, spoilt blonde with a kind heart and Mason was the sporty guy who once was popular but then the big something happened, getting him away from scholarship. Surprisingly even the dumbest of them could do almost everything and had connections everywhere, not even speaking of Electro-superman Randy. In my opinion these character like each other way too fast. They just met and before that they couldn't stand each other and suddenly they are BFFs.
This is a series with a new ebook every month and a bind-up of two stories every two months where the story of the murder slowly gets unraveled.
I would honestly recommend children like I was (the ones who like the three investigators) to try this series out, even though I won't be reading any of the following stories.

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