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Review: Zoff auf Zombie 7 by Jochen Till

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Spackos in Space - Zoff auf Zombie 7
My rating: 3/5 stars
Original language:  German
Series: Spackos in Space #2
Genre: Children's literature, Illustrated books
Published: 2014 by Tulipan
Pages: 183 (Hardback)
Source: received from the Tulipan publishing company via Blogg dein Buch
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After drifting around in space without food Conny and the crew of the RS Rumpel are finally able to land on a planet. When they discover that the planet’s residents are zombies it’s too late to escape.

Cornelius, also known as Conny, is hungry. Not just a bit, he hasn’t eaten anything for weeks! They have been floating around in space for three months after they got in a crash and the space-ship’s engine doesn’t work anymore. They can’t control the ship, not mentioning returning to their home. But then Amy, Conny’s friend from Labrox, smells a planet, more precisely the saltwater. And where there is water there might be food. There’s little chance that this works out, so when it does they immediately start looking for food. But soon food is the least they worry about…

The author: Jochen Till was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1966. He used to dream of a career as a rockstar until he started writing.
The illustrator: Zapf was born in Berlin in 1980 and he still lives there. He studied German and Art and became an illustrator after his studies.

My Thoughts:

“Zoff auf Zombie 7” was a fast-paced, kind of funny read with lots of illustrations in it. The author created a whole new universe with lots of different species and planets in it. The best thing about this universe was the food – For example the Nutellatrees. It’s not really difficult to understand, the jokes are a bit flat and it’s definitely more children’s humour than (young) adult’s but it still made me laugh a few times. But I still wish that there had been more to think about, deeper thoughts and a bit more complicated language; Being nine years old doesn’t immediately mean being stupid. Using long words isn’t a bad thing.

There were some good issues with children and adults in this book. My favourite scene looked like this: Cornelius comes into the room. His father and the others are playing cards. He wants to tell them about the newly discovered planet but his father keeps telling him to shut up, he’s a kid and he doesn’t know anything important. Then the doctor comes in too, suggesting to amputate everyone’s stomachs so they can’t even get hungry. Cornelius father is sceptical and starts looking for other options. A lot of Chaos. Conny tells the other that there are other options. His father is like: “Really?”. Cornelius asks if they really want a kid’s advice and his father tells him to stop being so childish, he’s nearly an adult.

Cornelius, sadly, isn’t the kind of unique character I hoped he would be. He’s the kind of boy who screws everything up and gets sent away to his kind of awful father, who is actually quite nice and not as bad as he seems and is friends with everyone, while he is this funny, nice guy at home without friends.
I didn’t read the first book in this series but somehow it didn’t matter because everything made sense anyway.

I would recommend this book to children under 10, particularly to those who enjoy comics and are just getting started with reading “big” books.

PS: For my English readers: The title "Zoff auf Zombie 7" means "Bovver on Zombie 7".

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