Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Category - Bookshops! This Time: Buchbox Kastanienallee (Berlin)

So I started thinking about introducing a new category on this blog - bookshops. Because if I'm going to blog about books on a blog that was created as a blog about travelling, I can't just completely leave out the travelling part (Otherwise it would've been way more logical to create a whole new blog about books.), so this post is the birth of a new series. So if you, dear reader, traveled to Berlin and wanted to go to a bookshop, you could look for a few here on my blog. And with time, the area of bookshops blogged about on Taraxacum is going to expand and perhaps you're going to find bookshops in Paris or London, who knows?

The Buchbox in the Kastanienallee

Here is an explanation to my English-speaking followers (If I have any by now): Buchbox is a German word and literally translated the meaning is Bookbox.

 So, as you can see, they don't have as many English books as they have German books, but still it's a lot more than some of the chain stores I know. There's not that much English YA (Which means there are about 20 or more YA books - but they are in my opinion 20 of the really good YA books.). There is more German YA and Children's literature, though. But what they do have a lot is adult fiction and crime stories (I don't know if it's good adult fiction or crime stories - I'm not really into either of those. But from what I've heard about these books I guess they're good.).
And last but definitely not least they have really nice staff. I don't like going to bookshops (or shops in general) where the people aren't friendly and look all grim and bored.

Buchbox: Kastanienallee 88, 10435 Berlin
Contact : 030 / 40 50 02 35 und
Open from: Mo-Sa  9:30 am - 8:30 pm

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